[Android Advanced] Topics #2 — Threading

Минск, 4 Февраля 19:00 - 21:00

Android Advanced:

We already know that our UI thread has to stay unblocked, and available for any UI need.
But what happens when some hard work needs to be done? Multithreading enters and we often start to lose it...

This talk will cover Android threading primitives. Which should be used when? What should we watch out for? What's a Handler? and a Looper? and an Executor? and Kotlin Coroutine? or maybe you have already heard about RxJava? And how to safely get back home to Main Thread?

You don't want to miss it :) Looking forward to seeing you all!!

Registration & full agenda >> https://goo.gl/zZ9KEt

Great thanks for our partners EPAM and SPACE


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Минск, Минск, Октябрьская улица, 16к3
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