[Android Advanced] Topics #3 - View To Pixel

Минск, 25 Февраля 19:00 - 21:00

We write code, we run it on the device, we can see the app and touch it and play around with it... But how do those line of code actually become something we can see?

Isn’t it magic? - not really :)

This talk will take a peek under the hood and explain how does the system work, how does it draw the views on screen?

Ever asked yourselves why is the view class you wrote not showing on the screen? Or why does it take so long until the layout is drawn? Why isn’t your popup displaying at the correct position? Why is your animation junky?

We’ll answer these questions and understand how to profile and improve your app’s drawing performance- for the smoothest user experience possible.

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Great thanks for our partners EPAM and SPACE

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Минск, Октябрьская 16/4

Идут 8

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