Ciklum Speakers’ Corner: "Scaling the IoT to billions digital identities” with Michael Jeffrey, VP Engineering at EVRYTHNG (London)

Минск, 5 Марта 19:00 - 21:00

We are happy to invite you to Ciklum Speakers’ Corner on "Scaling the IoT to billions digital identities” with Michael Jeffrey, VP Engineering at EVRYTHNG (London).

About the talk:
In this talk we will be looking at what we learnt building the EVRYTHNG IoT platform which helps billions of things get smart since 2011. As you might know the IoT as a term came out of the Auto-ID Labs. They coined the term when talking to P&G to describe a day in which all their products would have RFID tags somehow connected to information systems on the Internet. In this talk we will report on the state of the nation in tagged things. This fast developing space is at the edge of a silent revolution: from printed electronics starting to make it to apparel and Consumer Packaged Goods to the rise of low-power (e.g., LPWAN) and power harvesting technologies and to the role of blockchains in goods tracking and authenticity.

We will explain how our blend of services enabled us to serve up to 1.5 Million IoT transactions per second and will look at at the challenges we faced while implementing the IoT of tomorrow from scalability to security and privacy. Finally, we will talk about our focus on future technologies and how we use machine learning and the blockchain alongside our Java, Javascript and Node services to deliver real value to our customers.

Expect the path to be at times bumpy, thrilling or dangerous but most importantly the IoT is going to change our world and our society in the most fundamental way.

SPEAKERS' UPDATE. We are happy to announce that Michael's colleagues from EVRYTHNG Ciklum Minsk team will join him with their brief 30 minutes presentations.

Ivan Cherepanov, Frontend developer with the topic "Building collaborative AR product experience with EVRYTHNG.”

Ivan will talk about how to build a small service allowing consumers to interact with their product, utilising some of EVRYTHNG's platform features and entities. It will be a short demo and you are welcome to bring your laptops to follow along if you want, however, it’s not necessary.

Anton Klimenko, Backend developer and Roman Bystrimovich, Node.js developer with the topic "Modern Engineering at EVRYTHNG with Node.js, TDD, Terraform, and Microservices.”

Guys will share EVRYTHNG’s journey: how it evolved, its approach to build modern uServices with Node.js leveraging tools for IaC, TDD, FP and containers. You'll also see how EVRYTHNG set up and automated its processes to enable engineers to maintain good code quality and stay focused on features delivery.

Please, pay attention that the language of the presentation is English.

Participation is free of charge upon preliminary registration. Please sign up here.

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Место проведения

Минск, ул. Кальварийская 42, бизнес-центр «Каскад Альфа», Ciklum Minsk, 4 этаж, тренинг-зал.

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