JSNation 2020 Online

Amsterdam, 18 — 19 Июня
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JSNation 2020
June 18-19, online, https://live.jsnation.com/

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JSNation is going to be the main happening of the JS scene in 2020.
Want to know the future of the JavaScript ecosystem and get connected to the stellar crowd?

The conference unites library authors and core teams with engineers having a summer Amsterdam as a background. We recognize JavaScript development as an art of engineering, and that's why the conference offers both a JS-driven art exhibition and audiovisual performances powered with JavaScript during the afterparty.

First speakers & talks: 

  • SARAH DRASNER, Vue core team - An Animated Guide to Vue 3 Reactivity and Internals
  • TOBIAS KOPPERS, creator of webpack - Webpack 5 Build Caching. "To cache or not to cache"
  • Mr.doob, creator of Three.js
  • CHARLIE GERARD, Netlify 
  • MATTEO COLLINA, Node.js TSC member - Beware of Promise.all
  • MIKEAL ROGERS, creator of request and NodeConf 
  • ALAN FAUBERT, Svelte core team 
  • BERT BELDER, Deno core team - Deno – the Most Recent Developments on NodeJS Alternative
  • KAMIL MYSLIWIEC, Nest.js creator - Unlocking New Capabilities for Node.js with TypeScript and NestJS
  • ORTA THEROX, TypeScript compiler team at Microsoft - How TypeScript embraces and extends JavaScript
  • TIERNEY CYREN, Member and Chairperson of the Node.js Community Committee - import { modules } as esm from “nodejs”
  • ROMULO CINTRA - PWA – Hidden Stories About Future
  • and more 

See you in summery Amsterdam! 

Стоимость участия

от 340E

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Amsterdam, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231

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