Team Lead: Mission (Im)Possible?

24 Июня 18:15 - 19:00

Burst into summer with a new online meetup “Team Lead: Mission (Im)Possible?”

What will be discussed:

  • What are the qualities of a good team lead?
  • Why team lead ≠ master of all trades
  • Young blood vs old stars: Who is the best fit?
  • What are your steps to become a great team lead and how to understand that it’s not for you?

Speaker: Egor Goryachkin, Senior Technology Director at Forte Group with 10+ years of experience in IT. Manages technology teams for clients around the world, including Fortune 500 companies.

Date: 24st June
Start: 18:15 (30 minutes lecture + 15 minutes Q&A session)
Language: Russian


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